Security & Policies

Security Searches
All guests entering Verizon Arena will be subject to inspection by walk-through metal detector. All bags will be inspected. Any bags larger than 14" x 14" x 6" will not be allowed in Verizon Arena. In addition, weapons of any type, to include but not limited to chains, spikes, pocket knives, or any other item that may be deemed by Verizon Arena as a safety or security issue, are not permitted inside the arena.

Prohibited Items
For safety reasons, patrons may be refused entry if they are in possession of prohibited items including, but not limited to:

  • Weapons, pepper spray/mace, flares, fireworks, knives/pocket knives
  • Food, beverages, alcohol, cans, bottles, flasks, coolers, drugs, illegal substances
  • Pamphlets, product samples
  • Skateboards, rollerblades, bicycles, helmets, chairs, beach balls, Frisbees, streamers, confetti
  • Laptop/tablet computers, 2-way radios, laser pointers, flashlights
  • Balloons, permanent markers, spray paint
  • Noise making devices, air horns, drums, whistles
  • Recording devices: audio and video
  • Bags (backpacks, large bags, suitcases, luggage)
  • Bags/Purses larger than 14" x 14" x 6"
  • Signs/flags/banners
  • Selfie Sticks
  • Go Pros
  • Spikes

Accessible Information
Verizon Arena strives to meet all public facility structural and service requirements as set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act. Please visit our Accessibility Guide page for details.

Download ADA Information

Download ADA Concert and Seating Map

Download ADA Entrance & Parking

ATM Locations
There are two automated teller machines (ATMs) for your convenience, located on the concourse of Verizon Arena.
These locations are:

1 Verizon Arena Way Entrance (Lobby)
Broadway St. Entrance (Section 121)
Washington St. Entrance (Section 106)

Alcohol Beverage Policy
No alcohol may be brought into Verizon Arena. Alcoholic beverages may be purchased inside the arena. All patrons must be age 21 or older and provide legal identification to purchase alcoholic beverages. Alcohol purchases are limited to two (2) beverages at a time. Management has the right to refuse service at any time. Alcohol sales can be terminated at any time at the direction of Verizon Arena management.

All patrons in the building who are identified as being under the age of 21 and in possession of alcohol will be ejected and their parents will be notified for proper advisement. When necessary, they will be turned over to the NLR Police Department.

All persons who are drinking alcohol and appear to be under the legal drinking age but cannot produce proper identification, will be processed as above.

All persons identified as the person(s) supplying underage drinkers alcohol will be processed as above.

Animals or pets of any kind are prohibited with the exception of service animals for guests with disabilities. Service animals are welcome inside the building and must remain on a leash or in a harness at all times. If you intend to bring a service animal to the building, please notify your ticket representative at the time of purchase so that an aisle seat may be reserved for you.

Assisted Listening Devices
Assisted listening devices are available at our Guest Services Desk located on the concourse outside sections 113-114. Guests wishing to check out a device must leave a driver’s license or credit card, which will be returned upon receipt of the device in the same condition. Devices are handed out on a first come, first serve basis and are provided free of charge.

Verizon Arena strives to create a very positive environment for all guests. All guests entering Verizon Arena must be appropriately dressed, including shirt and shoes. Guests wearing obscene, offensive or indecent clothing will not be permitted to enter. Verizon Arena reserves the right to determine what clothing is obscene, offensive or indecent without any liability.

Banners & Signs
Banners and signs may not be hung anywhere in the Arena by anyone other than those given written authorization to do so by Verizon Arena. Some events do allow small signs, but larger signs with sticks or poles are not allowed. Banners and signs must not be commercial in nature or obscene or cause any disturbance with other fans. Please check with Verizon Arena to make sure that signs are allowed. Verizon Arena reserves the right to remove any banner or sign without exception.

Cameras, Video Cameras, Audio Recorders
Professional cameras are prohibited at all events at Verizon Arena unless accompanied by appropriate media credentials. Only small personal still camera equipment with a 3 inch lens, or smaller, may be brought in Verizon Arena. Selfie sticks and Go Pros are not permitted in Verizon Arena. PLEASE note that for certain events cameras are prohibited. Video and audio recorders are prohibited in Verizon Arena unless specifically approved. Guests should contact a Verizon Arena representative at 501-975-9028 to find out the policy prior to the event.

Children Ticketing Policy
Everyone, 2 years and older, attending events must have a ticket. (exceptions on some family shows)

Children on Shoulders
For safety reasons, children are not allowed to be placed or carried on a person’s shoulders.

Code of Conduct
Verizon Arena is committed to creating an enjoyable entertainment experience. Verizon Arena strives to provide an environment where:

  1. Guests will be treated in a consistent, professional and courteous manner by all venue personnel.
  2. Guests will enjoy every event free from disruptive behavior, including foul or abusive language or obscene gestures.
  3. Guests will consume alcoholic beverages in a responsible manner. Intervention with an impaired, intoxicated or underage guest will be handled in a prompt and safe manner.
  4. Guests will sit only in their ticketed seats and show their tickets when requested.
  5. Guests who engage in fighting, throwing objects or attempting to enter the court/stage will be immediately ejected from the venue.
  6. Guests will not smoke in the venue, but in designated smoking areas only.
  7. There will not be any obscene or indecent messages on signs or clothing.
  8. Guests will comply with requests from venue staff regarding facility operations and emergency response procedures.
  9. Guests will be responsible for their own good time by reporting inappropriate behavior.

Guests who violate the Code of Conduct may be subject to ejection without refund and, to the extent their conduct constitutes a violation of law, may be subject to arrest.

Drop Off/Pick Up Area
Verizon Arena offers a drop off and pick up area on the southwest side of the building on Washington St. and Verizon Arena Way. Limousines, buses and cars will be allowed to drop off and pick up in this area, but vehicles are not permitted to park here.

Door Opening
The time the doors to Verizon Arena open will vary according to the event. Please check in advance by contacting a Verizon Arena Representative at 501-975-9028 or by checking the event’s detail page.


Verizon Arena can provide wheelchair escort service for the interior of the building. Escorts are available at any entry point or guests may make advance escort arrangements by calling the arena at 501-975-9028.

Emergencies and Evacuations
In the event of an emergency, All Verizon Arena personnel have been trained and instructed to assist you in evacuating the premises. Appropriate emergency strobe lights and voice enunciators are located throughout the building. Always remain calm and follow the instructions from staff members and emergency personnel. All fire exits are identified by illuminated red signs. Locate the sign nearest your seat for the closest exit.

First Aid
Certified medical professionals are available during all events to assist guests with medical needs. Guests in need of emergency first aid should contact the nearest Verizon Arena employee for assistance.

Food and Beverage
Verizon Arena offers a wide variety of food and beverage throughout the facility. Guests are not permitted to bring any food or beverages into Verizon Arena. Containers such as bottles, cans, thermos bottles, or plastic coolers are not permitted for the safety and protection of our guests.

Guest Services
Our Guest Services staff is here to ensure that all guests have a safe, quality experience at all events. Our Guest Services Desk is located on the concourse outside of sections 113-114. Verizon Arena offers convenient services including wheelchair assistance, lost and found, escorts and stroller and wheelchair check-in.

Inappropriate Behavior
Inappropriate behavior includes, but is not limited to:

  • Standing on chair/seats
  • Drunk and disorderly conduct
  • Fighting or challenging others to fight
  • Interference with the event or participants of the event in any way
  • Throwing, tossing or discharging any object or liquid substance
  • Using profanity and/or other offensive words (verbal or written)
  • Disturbing other guests enjoyment of the event
  • Failure to comply with facility personnel

Guests displaying inappropriate behavior may be ejected from the building and not given a refund.

Lost Children
Lost children/parents should be escorted to the Guest Services Desk to notify arena security. Arena security will arrange search procedures. The Lost Child Program is available to guests attending events with children. Guests are asked to register their children with Guest Services so that they can be easily found in the event they are separated from their parents or guardians. The child will be given a wristband containing vital information. If a child is lost during an event, he/she will be brought to the Guest Services Desk where a Verizon Arena representative will use the information on the wristband to locate the parents or guardian.

Lost and Found
If you lose an item during an event, please contact any Verizon Arena team member for assistance. Found items will be turned in to guest services. Our lost and found department can be reached at 501-975-9028. Verizon Arena is not responsible for lost items. Found items are held for 30 days.

Outside Vending
The selling or sampling of merchandise, food, beverages, tickets or other items on the property without permission from Verizon Arena is strictly prohibited. Verizon Arena will not permit the soliciting, collecting contributions for any purpose whatsoever or distributing of handbills on the premises.

Painted Guests
Verizon Arena welcomes enthusiastic guests but must reserve the right to refuse admittance to any event if a guest has exposed, painted body parts. Guests are asked to wear shirt, pants/shorts, and shoes at all times and refrain from painting their back or any area that might cause destruction to Verizon Arena property.

Verizon Arena reserves the right to confiscate any prohibited items and/or escort the guest from the building.

Parent Room
For some concerts and family shows a parent room is set up to accommodate parents who are not attending the concert, but don’t want to leave their children at the building alone. Both parent and child should enter the arena through the lower box office entrance, located on Washington St and Olive. Here both parent and child will be issued wristbands with contact information on each. Call Verizon Arena at 501-975-9028 to see if the Parent Room is available for your particular event.

Restrooms are located throughout Verizon Arena for your convenience. All restrooms meet or exceed ADA specifications. Men’s, women’s and unisex family restrooms are located in the corners of the concourse.

Family Restrooms
For guests with children, family restrooms are located next to the public restrooms.
(sections 104-105 and 122-123)

Baby Changing Facilities
Baby changing facilities are located in all public restrooms.

Verizon Arena has a no re-entry policy for all events.

Sign Interpreters
Verizon Arena can provide sign language interpretation for guests with hearing disabilities. Requests for this service must be received 2 weeks prior to the event. Please call the Verizon Arena Administration Offices at 501-975-9028.

Smoking Policy
In compliance with local and state laws, Verizon Arena is a smoke-free facility. Guests are prohibited from smoking or vaping in public areas of the arena. There are however, designated smoking areas outside the arena. Anyone observed smoking or vaping inside the facility shall be asked to extinguish the item immediately. Any person who refuses to comply with the policy shall be subject to ejection from the facility.

E-Cigarettes, vaporizers, & all other electronic smoking devices may only be used in designated smoking areas. Any person who refuses to comply with this policy shall be subject to ejection from the facility.

Standing & Cheering
Although we love for our guests to cheer, we must maintain some basic protocols. As some guests like to stand and cheer, others prefer to sit and cheer. Guests who sit are entitled to enjoy the event from their seats without undue obstruction. Many of our guests have mobility impairments and may not be able to stand as others do. Guests are advised that while cheering for your favorite team, band or entertainer, please be cognizant and courteous of those around you.

At the Guest Services Desk, located on the concourse outside sections 113-114, our staff will gladly check your stroller until the event is over.

Ticket Scalping
Verizon Arena strictly prohibits ticket scalping and the resale of tickets on the premises. Selling tickets in excess of face value, or scalping, is illegal in the state of Arkansas. (Refer to 5-53-201 in the Arkansas Criminal Law Manual). Anyone with information on scalping should report it to Verizon Arena personnel.

Download ADA Information

Download ADA Concert and Seating Map

Download ADA Entrance & Parking